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Blockchain, smart contracts and Chainlink

A blockchain is a revolutionary technology that is defined as a decentralized and distributed ledger, that records transactions and data.

A smart contract is a program run on blockchain, that is designed to automatically execute the actions according to the terms of the contract. By design, smart contracts are transparent and trustless and eliminate the need for third party middlemen used in traditional contracts.

Blockchain and smart contracts can be utilized e.g. in finance, payments, supply chains, insurance, enterprise systems, utilities and betting. They enable new applications for traditional markets, as well as room for radical innovation.

Chainlink is one of the enabling tehnologies to fully capitalize the potential of smart contracts. In essence, Chainlink integrates real world data into blockchain applications. This allows the development new generation of value adding applications.

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Digisense node

Digisenses chainlink node is a constantly developing and reliable source of data for your blockchain applications. We can provide a wide portfolio data sources, currently focusing on crypto price data for DeFi development. Connect external data to your smart contracts securely and reliably by using our node.


Our Chainlink nodes are running on Google Cloud Platform on Kubernetes cluster. Two nodes are running simultaneously ensuring failover capabilities. The nodes are using a PostreSQL database running on Google Cloud SQL with scheduled backups. Multiple Ethereum clients are running as EaaS via failover proxy.

In the future we will deploy our own Ethereum node to further decentralize the network.


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