Exploring the opportunities of digital technologies

Blockchain solutions and web development

Chainlink node operator

Our nodes offer high-quality and secure data to the blockchain network. We want to be a part of the transition towards Industry 4.0 and enable the development of novel applications based on blockchain technology and decentralized data.


Blockchain applications

Our passion is to create new products and services enabled by the blockchain technologies. We are listening to the needs of different industries and visualizing new ways of doing things. For the curious minds, there are endless opportunities to make an impact.

Web consulting and development

There is always a way to operate more effectively, create more satisfying products and reach out to your customers with more powerful marketing tools. We combine the creative and technical aspects of development to make your life easier. 

Digisense team

Digisense Solutions Oy was founded in 2018. We are based in Oulu, Finland and working together with partners worldwide.


Janne Anttila

Technology lead

Miika Keisu


Marko Hiltunen

Project coordinator

Rihard Romka

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Feel free to contact us through the contact form below. We are open to all collaborations regarding blockchain projects.


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